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Sunday, May 07, 2006

FAQ - What Is / Who Is / Why Is WatchingTheHerd?

What Is WatchingTheHerd?

WatchingTheHerd is a blog intended to communicate ideas and critiques on current economic and political issues. When warranted by circumstances, other topics are sure to come up as well.

Who Is WatchingTheHerd?

WatchingTheHerd is the screen name I use at The Motley Fool on their discussion boards. I'm not a obsessive-compulsive poster with thousands of comments on the Fool boards but some of my posts have done pretty well in the "rec wars" and members have inquired about having some of them available to non-members. Thankfully, The Motley Fool allows members to retain full copyright on their postings for use in other mediums so I can make some of my original Fool commentary available here.

Where did "WatchingTheHerd" come from?

WatchingTheHerd seemed to aptly describe my approach to investing. Markets and societies exhibit strong "herd" patterns of behavior. My goal is to watch the herd very carefully, try to figure out where it is headed, and avoid getting stampeded in the process. If I can use that insight to make some honest money and improve the level of debate in the world, all the better. Seems like a good strategy for life in general.

What qualifies you to comment on economics, politics, or anything else that appears here?

There are three key reasons I am fully qualified to publish all the insightful things you'll read at WatchingTheHerd:

  1. My formal education includes a BSEE, MBA and a minor in economics so I have some background in technology, business, finance and economics that are involved with most public policy issues.

  2. My employment as a middle management minion in Corporate America provides daily experience with management practices and strategies that some claim to be the root of many of our problems and others claim lie at the core of solutions to many of our problems.

  3. I was able to visit http://www.blogger.com and register for a blog.

SMILE. Seriously, I make no claim to be an expert in all of the topics covered here but I will try to support any positions with facts where appropriate. Don't believe everything you read, including here. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

OK, why are you so secretive about your identity?

First, much of what I comment on is based upon my own job, career and peer group. The less you know about me, the more freedom I have to comment on things even if they involve my own industry or my own employer. Second, my intent is to create an blog of constructive commentary about ideas, problems and solutions and NOT about people, personalities or political horse races. I think it will be easier to accomplish that if you read the content in its own right without being colored by knowledge of my background. Hopefully, the content will stand on its own.

Should I check back every day for new material?

Absolutely not. I have a real job and don't plan on becoming a part of the e-chattering class posting here every day. The goal here is definitly clarity and quality over quantity. However, if enough people tell me they'd pay $10/year for a daily or weekly fix of WatchingTheHerd, who am I to ignore the masses? SMILE.

Why haven't you allowed comments on your blog?

Honestly, I'd love to hear critiques of the material or the writing. However, keeping my material and comments about it on a positive, constructive plane would require more time moderating the comments than I have at the moment. Rather than allow moderated commments then frustrate fellow posters by preventing comments from immediately appearing, I prefer to disable comments for now and avoid any false expectations. If you are really convinced I'm out in left field on a topic (or everything), I believe http://watchingtheherdisanidiot.blogspot.com is available as a URL. (SMILE)



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