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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

So Help Me God

Originally Posted: February 6, 2006 -- 10:24 PM
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Sometimes, you read or hear things that simply cannot pass without an objection.


While reading the actual transcripts of the testimony of Alberto Gonzales in front of the Senate Judiciary today, I found this little gem of a comment amidst the debate between the Senators about the need to swear in Gonzales:

And I remember having a conversation with General Myers and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, and one of the saddest days in their career was having to come in here and stand before a Senate committee and raise their hand as if they are not trustworthy in matters relating to the defense of this country.

And I think it's not necessary that a duly confirmed Cabinet member have to routinely stand up and just give an oath when they are, in effect, under oath and subject to prosecution if they don't tell the truth.

I think it's just a question of propriety and good taste and due respect from one branch to the other.


As they say in Texas, au contraire, mon frere.

Due respect between branches of government?

THIS ADMINISTRATION? Are you kidding me?

The breadth of contempt throughout the entire Bush Administration (White House staff, VP's office, Pentagon, NSA, OMB, EPA, you name it...) for the Judiciary and Congress is unparalleled in our history. If there was EVER an administration whose officials deserve to be treated like any other American citizen testifying in front of Congress and "subjected" to the "humiliation" of reciting a simple declaritive statement that they would tell the truth, it's this administration.

Heck, if you say the oath, you even get to mention God. I thought that was good, right?

If you plan on telling the truth, what's so humiliating or condenscending about reciting an oath to tell the truth that's recited THOUSANDS of times every day in courts across the country?

Come on, Administration officials. Repeat after me...


That wasn't so bad, was it?