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Friday, September 29, 2006

America, NOW Have You Seen Enough?

One would think two news reports out today would be enough to convince ANY American voter that it is time for a major change in Washington.

First, clips from the 60 Minutes interview of Bob Woodward to air 10/1/2006 indicate that key policy makers within the Bush administration have been spinning apart for over a year on Iraq strategy and in every direction except closer to reality. Probably the most stunning point in Woodward's new book is that George Bush is personally consulting with HENRY (secret bombing of Cambodia) KISSINGER for advice on Iraq. Kissinger's advice? The only exit strategy is victory. Losing the Vietnam war and slogging on for another six years apparently isn't enough for Kissinger, Rumsfeld and Cheney. They want to prove a loss of American will led to the loss of the Vietnam War by staying the course in Iraq and sacrificing countless more American soldiers towards the same flawed, unachievable goal.

Second, Republican Representative Mark Foley from Florida resigned today after news became public of sexually inappropriate emails and instant messages sent by Foley to multiple teenaged male Congressional pages.

So America, there you have it. How many times do you want to fight the Vietnam war? Wasn't once enough? What will it take to figure out that the Republican Party has no monopoly on morals and family values? A Senator or Representative getting busted by NBC's Chris Hansen on Dateline for child solicitation?