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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Morons, Troglodytes, Stupid Idiots?

PBS ran a Bill Moyers investigative piece that documented the history of the corruption scheme that toppled Tom Delay from the House and landed Jack Abramoff and others in the docket.

The basic finding of the story is that the people involved

  1. were connected together from their college days

  2. demonstrated gross unethical behavior while still active within the College Republicans

  3. exploited religious conservative organizations to milk contributions from them to strengthen Republican control of Congress

  4. established special PACs to accept contributions from special interest A to use in supporting / fighting legislation in support of special interest B, in some cases when A and B were opponents of each other (the Indian casino tribes versus anti-gambling Christian groups)

The "money quote" of the program was a comment from one source who said "Before George Bush had found all of the linen closets in the White House, Grover Norquist was scheduling meetings in the White House and inviting his own guests for fundraisers." For $25,000 a pop, you can fly into Washington for a meeting in the White House, THE PEOPLE'S HOUSE, and get a chance to meet the President while you're here.

The people involved in this scandal, Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed, Michael Scanlon, Tom Delay and countless others, care not one bit about not one of their clients or any of the issues they pushed. In correspondence between the parties, they consistently referred to their "clients" as morons, troglodytes, stupid idiots, (explitive shorthand)s.

After watching this program, one really has to ask the question:

Who exactly were the morons, the troglodytes, the stupid idiots, the (explitive shorthand)s in this scandal?

The clients who were defrauded by the Abramoff / Delay corruption dynamo?

Or the entire American public that watched signs of this hypocrisy going on since 1994 and continued to return these holier-than-thou hypocrites to power to continue the scam while distracting the country from our REAL problems with their morality agenda?