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Friday, December 29, 2006

Thoughts on an Execution

After 2994 lives (#1) and $354 billion (#2) and counting, you can't help making a few observations on the execution of Saddam Hussein.

GOOD RIDDANCE -- If I was all-knowing, all-seeing and all-omniscient, I'd have no problem with the death penalty. Since I'm not, I am normally against the death penalty, since A) it's often costing us millions in extended appeals, etc. that I'd rather see spent on crime prevention and B) there is abundant evidence we do NOT always get the right guy. However, the Iraqi people got the right guy. He did what he was convicted of and many things far worse. I couldn't think of a nicer guy to hang.

JUSTICE AND ISLAMIC HOLIDAYS -- I can sort of understand a religion (say, Christianity...) that has principles of faith centered around honoring someone's willingness to sacrifice THEMSELF for some other-worldly force of love / peace / kumbaya / etc. It appears Saddam's execution was rushed in part to take place before the Muslim holy day of Id al-Adha, which commemorates the day a father (Abraham, as they believe) was willing to sacrifice his son because he heard God tell him to do so. (#3) This year, that holiday falls on December 31 2006. I've said this before but it's worth repeating: WE HAVE NO COMPREHENSION OF THE MIND-SET WE ARE DEALING WITH IN IRAQ. We have a country dominated by a religion which on one hand HONORS a man's willingness to kill an innocent child and sets aside a "holy day" in rememberance but gets morally squeamish about executing a man on or around that holy day when the man was convicted for murdering 148 of his citizens, a crime which is arguably among the smaller of his atrocities, yet also seems to have no problem bombing mosques of the opposing Muslim sect filled with people at prayer. That's a strange notion of justice.

THE IRAQIS -- One down, many more to go. America is happy you found a quorom of prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges with the courage to create the beginnings of a justice system out of thin air and the courage to tackle the biggest, baddest, most obvious criminal at serious risk to your own safety and that of your families. Keep in mind, defense attorneys and their family members were MURDERED for attempting to provide Saddam a valid defense and a fair trial. Well done.

OUR TROOPS -- Be careful. We have a long way to go on this and want ALL of you back - whole.


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