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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Walter Reed is on 16th Street


BRADY VAN ENGELEN: Walter Reed is on 16th Street. So is the White House. I mean, it's in his backyard. I mean, do you think this stuff isn't happening in Ravenna, Ohio, you know?

I mean, what about the care there? You know, what about the care at other military installations, as well? This stuff happens all across the country. It's not just Walter Reed.


That's the comment of one soldier who recieved treatment at Walter Reed and has talked with other soldiers who have experienced the same neglect at other facilities throughout the country. He was interviewed by Judy Woodruff on The NewsHour on PBS February 22, 2007.

Another soldier interviewed in the story stated he was given a "choice" of inpatient or outpatient treatment six days after arriving at Walter Reed. His ailment? Having a titanium plate inserted in his head after having part of his skull blown off six days earlier in Iraq. Wanting more of a chance to see his family and likely zonked out of his mind on painkillers and thus in no shape to make informed decisions about treatment options on such a serious head injury, he chose outpatient care. The outpatient facility was three blocks away from the inpatient facility. He had to take a CAB. Because the other choice was to WALK to the other facility.

America, is this how we "support the troops"? Tell a soldier 6 days after having PART OF HIS SKULL SHOT OFF to find his own ride to the re-hab center three buildings away?

Given the number of head injuries, amputees and PTSD patients, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

This is an absolute disgrace.

I wish every one of these returning soldiers could come home safely and serve a term in the House or Senate and replace every one of the elected cowards we currently have who play war with other people's sons and daughters but lack the courage to even tell the American public how much this war has already cost us.